Osborn 2: Spinal Cord Injuries – Re-admissions and Surgical

Osborn 2 has beds dedicated to supporting the secondary admission of people with SCI who require surgical interventions for complications that have developed as a consequence of their long-term condition, for example, surgical repair for pressure ulcers, bladder or bowel procedures. Other surgery can include the management of spasticity.

Ward Round – There is a weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting to discuss the needs of each patient. Osborn 2 ward round happens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Meal times
As a ward we try to provide protected meal times, and as a consequence relatives and friends are requested to avoid visiting at the times listed below unless the patient has expressed a wish for them to be there, or if the visitor is helping with feeding the patient.

Breakfast 08:00    
Lunchtime 12:30
Dinner 17:30

Ward telephone number:
0114 271 5628

Ward Manager:                       
Michael Hodgkinson

Ward Sister:                
Charlotte Fields, Maria Dixon and Karen Hardy

Visiting times:             
08:00 – 20:00